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how to clean furnace nozzle

Aug 17, 2022

Clean Furnace Nozzle

Regular maintenance is required to maintain your oil furnace running as smoothly and effectively as possible. The burner nozzle must be checked as part of your furnace’s yearly scheduled maintenance. How to clean the Furnace nozzle, the furnace’s effectiveness suffers and it becomes more difficult to heat your house.

As a result, a blocked nozzle will certainly result in the usage and waste of additional oil, resulting in an increased heating expenditure. Fortunately, cleaning the nozzle on your furnace should be an easy task.

Step 1

Turn off the oil furnace’s power supply. Most furnaces will require you to locate the appropriate breaker in your house’s electrical box. Turn off the required breaker once you’ve identified it.

Step 2

Take the nozzle out of the furnace. The nozzle will be attached to the furnace’s burner gun. However, the specific process for removing the burner gun and nozzle will differ based on the model of the furnace you own. In most situations, a wrench will be required to remove multiple nuts that keep the burner engine, blower, and gun in place. You should be able to unscrew the nozzle by hand once you get access to it.


Step 3

Fill a metal container or coffee can halfway with kerosene or diesel fuel. The container must be large enough to completely submerge the nozzle in gasoline.

Step 4

Insert the nozzle into the diesel or kerosene. Wait for around 30 minutes. Dirt, deposits, and any other muck that has gathered within the nozzle will dissolve or release as it soaks.

Step 5

Take the nozzle out of the gasoline and clean it with a lint-free towel. Remove the brass screw pin from the filter at the end of the nozzle.

Step 6

Spray pressurized air into the nozzle and filter with an air compressor or compressed air canister. The pressured air will aid in the removal of any loose material that has accumulated in the nozzle or filter.

Step 7

Attach the screw pin and filter to the nozzle once again. Connect the nozzle to the burner and shoot once more. Reattach the oil furnace’s burner motor, blower, and burner gun assembly.

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