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Aug 28, 2022
mercer technoligies firm

Mercer Technologies

The Mercer profession as an assistant specialist for Ipsen USA where he was elevated to Mercer Technologies Firm West Coast Regional Manager. Mike took that experience to GM Enterprises and flourished as the Vice President of Marketing which later brought about turning into a co-proprietor. He then, at that point, passed on GM to make his vision of an all-in-one resource for all. intensity treating administration and fixing needs.
In 1994, Mike opened MercerTechnologies Firm and Midwest Vacuum Pumps related to support the warm handling industry.


Starting around 1994, MercerTechnologies firm has been a reasonable forerunner in vacuum heater reconstructing and administration backing to the warm handling industry all over North America. Organizer, proprietor, and President, Mike T Mercer, Sr. has been in the intensity treatment field for north of 50 years and has significantly added to the business.

By fostering a warming component backing and gas cooling spout framework, Mike successfully upgraded much-intensity treating heaters across the globe.
Mercer technologies Firm manufactured an additional office to represent Mercer Technologies firm Green Vacuum Furnace Series of revamped warmers and stuff. These radiators utilize existing parts re- made to exceptional or further created conclusions. By reusing the steel in radiators, Mercer Technologies prevent outlining more than bunches of carbon dioxide that would result from collecting another warmer. Mercer technologies firm saves adequate energy that would reliably drive fifty typical American homes. Midwest Vacuum Pumps patches up all of the vacuum siphons that mercer Tech utilizes on its structures.






With over 70 years of joined understanding in the vacuum siphon and radiator industry, we are here to serve your necessities. Mercer Technologies Firm at this point full-time individual with a yearly pay of more than millions. At Mercer Technologies, we esteem the idea of our organization, from the conscientiousness so clear in our hot zones to our immediate circle back of the absolutely re-produced vacuum warmers.

Mercer Technologies firm, Inc is focused on the Thermal Processing Industry. Acquiring useful involvement with Vacuum Furnace reproduces, reestablished units, or new units, we deal with you! Need spare parts, field organization, insurance support, or hot zone remakes? Mercer Technologies, Inc is the best reaction!

Vacuum Furnace Installation and Relocation Services

The Mercer Technologies firm offers many kinds of help with field foundation, development of plant replacement of parts, fix and after bargains organizations

mercer technologies

Mercer Technologies offers

Welding, Fabrication, and Horizontal Line Boring Services the entire day! Available on the spot or boat your stuff to our office!

Mercer Technologies
France water coat cleaning is our work.

Skilled and trained staff
Mercer Technologies firm has many trained and skilled staff to serve you.
At Mercer Technologies firm, our only center is heat-treating support and fix. Our experienced experts are prepared to modify, fix and introduce any vacuum heater or hot zone in the briefest measure of time to get your heater back into creation. Also, our group of experts can guarantee your heater will be appropriately decommissioned and migrated per your necessities. Our administration engineers can be dispatched in something like 24 hours for any upkeep crisis. Our on-location designing office is accessible to help our staff to guarantee your hot zone is definitively fabricated and up to Mercer Technologies’ firm norm. Essentially, our engineers work intimately with our on-location machine shop to deliver the most exact graphite and molybdenum parts to guarantee your
heater will run perfectly.

mercer technologies

Why do clients like and trust us?

We comprehend the significance of magnificent upkeep for the intensity treat industry.
Mercer Technologies firm and affiliated business, Midwest Vacuum Pumps cooperate to make a consistent

client experience.

Aero braze Engineered Technologies
A reputed company Selects
Mercer Technologies, Inc.
To Rebuild Vacuum Furnaces.


Abor Vacuum Furnace Aero braze Engineered Technologies, a division of Wall Colmonoy, picked Mercer Technologies, Inc. to revamp an Abor HR50 and a VFS HL7272 Vacuum Furnace for the Ohio office. Mercer Technologies firm deals with the overall execution and adequacy of the warmers by altering them according to Aerobrakes’ Nadcap quality rules.

With the remodel of the Abor HR50 and VFS HL7272, Aero braze will grow its general cutoff by 40%. The warmers will maintain parts that activity up, commending Aerobraze’s outright commitments. A state-of-the-art modernized system will give steady radiator control and electronic transmission of affirmations to clients. Another chilling structure will diminish cool-off cycles and further foster throughput.

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We fulfilled to have Mercer Technologies recreate our Abor HR50 and VFS HL7272
Vacuum Furnace Repair at Aero braze. We must work with continuous improvement and relationship with our uncommonly regarded clients by placing assets into development and progression. This additional flexibility will allow us to meet and outperform clients’ suspicions as we work to help their requirements in the flight, vehicle, energy, and business focus, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Wall Colmonoy. Redo Center in, Indiana. The radiators will go through an all-out remanufacture including a patch-up of motors and transformers; a new hot zone; new siphons; and a new mechanized control console. Associated business Midwest Vacuum Pumps will adjust vacuum siphons. The two associations are under. The Mercer Group offers one-quit searching for your power treat needs.

Accessibility Of parts

Mercer Technologies firm Inc.’s eBay store is a great spot to track down your heater parts. Our administrations assimilate Parts and Services as well as Capital appliances.
Mercer Technologies, Inc.
1600 Savannah Ave, Terre Haute, IN, United States

Review of clients

Great business for all your hot zone rebuild needs!

They can even make you a new one from groove if you are looking for that instead. Also the staff there was really on point and when helping me answer all my questions, thank you so much Mercer Tech!

Beth Bridges

This is just a great company. The owner is a kind-hearted and hard-working person. Every employee I’ve met personally identifies with their work here, and they do their jobs to the best of their …More Like
Nancy Mercer

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