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Sep 22, 2022

Mercer Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce its 25th anniversary! Mike Mercer Sr. launched the firm in 1994. Since then, he has not only increased the facility, but also the customer population by personally visiting mercer technologies firm their facility and learning about each customer’s individual demands.
The Thermal Processing Industry is the focus of Mercer Technologies, Inc. The firm takes pride in listening to the customer, creating equipment to match their individual needs, turning back quickly, and offering service repairs from our central location in Terre Haute, Indiana.

To keep your equipment functioning well, Mercer Tech also offers on-site service services and a Preventative Maintenance Program.

Mercer Tech has provided services to businesses across the United States. GE Aviation, Parker Hannifin, Bodycote, and the US Air Force are just a few of the companies that have relied on Mercer Technologies for equipment and service.

Mercer Technologies, Inc. offers a varied assortment of products to meet all of your furnace demands!


Since 1994, Mercer Technologies firm has been a clear leader in vacuum furnace rebuilding and service support to the North American thermal processing sector. Mike T Mercer, Sr., the company’s founder, owner, and the president has been in the heat treat industry for almost 50 years and has made significant contributions to the industry. Mike improved numerous heat treatment furnaces across the world by designing a heating element support and gas cooling nozzle system.
Mercer USA: Our entire emphasis at Mercer Technologies is heat treatment maintenance and repair. Our expert technicians are prepared to rebuild, repair, and install any vacuum furnace or hot zone efficiently and quickly to get your furnace back up and running. Furthermore, our team of experts can guarantee that your furnace is properly decommissioned and transferred according to your specifications. For any maintenance emergency, our service engineers may be deployed within 24 hours.

mercer ltd: Mike T. Mercer Sr., the creator of Mercer Technologies, began his career as a service technician with Ipsen USA, where he rose to the position of West Coast Regional Manager. Mike used that skills for GM Enterprises and thrived as Vice President of Marketing, eventually becoming a co-owner. He subsequently left GM to pursue his dream of establishing a one-stop shop for all heat treatment servicing and repair needs. Mike founded Mercer Technologies and Midwest Vacuum Pumps in 1994 to serve the thermal processing industry.



Mercer Technologies is your one-stop shop for all of your heat treatment requirements.
We have a highly trained crew that specializes in heat treatment maintenance. Together, we give the speedy results your business requires to resume production while also providing the maintenance required to maintain your equipment in peak condition.


Mercer Technologies offers an on-site Engineering staff that can construct any new design that would best meet your requirements.


Do you need to schedule maintenance right away? In most circumstances, we can deploy a technician to your location the next working day.


When it comes to rebuilding or maintaining your shop’s equipment, we collaborate with you at every stage and decision.


The Mercer Technologies, in collaboration with our sister firm, Midwest Vacuum Pumps, has been assisting the heat treat industry since 1994 and has had the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s greatest brands.

mercer machine:

Mercer employs cutting-edge technology in all aspects of production, including turning, milling, wire EDM, production sawing, and inspection.
Quality is essential to Mercer Machine’s success, but service is what distinguishes us from the competition. Mercer supports customers in the aerospace, automobile, and commercial industries. We also do production saw work for other companies.


Mercer website:

The Mercer Machine Company, Inc. specializes in providing precision machining services to a diverse range of customers by utilizing cutting-edge equipment, manufacturing processes, and management techniques.
Mercer Machine Company, Inc. has the expertise to construct them for you. In Indiana, we provide bespoke metal fabrication. You may rely on us to construct the item utilizing our materials and tried-and-true fabrication procedures. Come see us right immediately to discuss your metal manufacturing requirements.

Mercer inc:

Wayne Mercer created Mercer Machine in 1954. Wayne did not start this as a full-time business; rather, it began as a hobby with one lathe in his basement performing side tasks. As the business flourished and the orders increased, Wayne was obliged to transform his passion into a full-time job.
Wayne bought his first property on Holt Road on Indianapolis’ south side in 1954. The firm grew over time as a second and third generations joined the team to assist operate it.

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