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Coyote Pellet Stove: The Next Generation of Outdoor Cooking
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Coyote Pellet Stove: The Next Generation of Outdoor Cooking

Nov 21, 2022

The Coyote Pellet Stove heralds the next generation of outdoor cooking with the look, versatility and superior functionality of a luxury indoor appliance. Their high-quality materials, along with their ability to simmer, roast and char in addition to their standard grilling capabilities make them uniquely suited to the grill aficionado looking to add something new and exciting to their outdoor cooking repertoire.

Their patented heat conduction system ensures even cooking, along with an infrared rear burner and side burner to complete your multi-course outdoor meal experience! Available in three sizes, you are sure to find one that will suit your needs perfectly!

When it comes to indoor grilling, there’s nothing like the real thing. When you step outside your front door, the smells and sounds of the natural world greet you and make your cooking experience all the more authentic.

But although you might enjoy an outdoor grill once in a while, most people don’t have one because they take up so much space and require frequent cleaning and maintenance. Now there’s another option: The Coyote Pellet Grill! Sleek and compact, this outdoor stove looks just like an indoor model and offers many of the same great benefits without sacrificing usability in any way.

Introducing the Coyote Pellet Stove

The Coyote pellet stove heralds the next generation of outdoor cooking. It looks, and performs, like a luxury indoor appliance but with the versatility and superior functionality of an outdoor grill. the first-ever pellet stove designed for use on a patio or deck.

Built for maximum performance in all conditions, it’s ideal for use in areas where conventional gas or charcoal grills cannot operate (like indoors) and can be used year-round without worrying about winterizing your grill or fireplace.

The Coyote Pellet Stove is engineered to produce an even heat across the cooking surface for evenly cooked food every time. A convection fan allows you to adjust temperature quickly as needed and a hidden ignition system prevents flareups from drippings. Plus, its innovative design incorporates four caster wheels so you can move it from place to place effortlessly!

The Benefits of Pellet Grilling

The Coyote Pellet Grill heralds the next generation of outdoor cooking with the look, versatility and superior functionality of a luxury indoor appliance. Users can avail the best pellet grill on the market today. Goal behind this is to provide an enjoyable experience and a quality product. So what makes this Coyote pellet Stove better than all other grills?

-Pellet grills provide a number of benefits that make your outdoor grilling experience even more enjoyable and convenient.
-A pellet grill will cook with more precision, accuracy and control than a regular charcoal or gas grill.                    –Using a pellet grill is much less expensive in terms of fuel cost, as well as time spent planning your menu for specific cooking times.
– Coyote Pellet Stove will provide you with a more flavorful and juicy tasting meal than that cooked on a charcoal or gas grill.
-A pellet grill is less prone to flare-ups than conventional grills. The heat generated by a pellet grill remains constant so there’s no need to keep checking the meat
-It’s very easy to clean up after using a pellet stove
-You won’t have any trouble finding pellets because they’re available in most grocery stores.
– You’ll be able to find high-quality wood pellets at many home improvement stores. However, if you would like the convenience of buying them online, please visit their website where they offer free shipping nationwide.

Versatility and Functionality

Coyote Pellet Grills are the next generation of outdoor cooking. They give you the versatility and functionality of a luxury indoor appliance in a lightweight, portable package. Whether you’re camping, tailgating or boating, Coyote has the perfect solution to provide you with delicious, hot meals without sacrificing any convenience.

Coyote stoves are available in three sizes, with a variety of features. They range from 50,000 BTUs to 175,000 BTUs and can be purchased in either a two-burner or four-burner model.

Coyote also has a line of premium accessories and add-ons for your stove purchase. These accessories make using your Coyote as easy as possible so you get maximum enjoyment out of your outdoor cooking experience.

Luxury Design

The Coyote Pellet Grill heralds the next generation of outdoor cooking with the look, versatility and superior functionality of a luxury indoor appliance. It is designed by expert craftsmen in America and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

With its sophisticated styling and exceptional quality, it is the perfect addition to any kitchen or patio. And because you can enjoy your food while seated at a table, the Coyote Pellet Grill can also serve as an elegant centerpiece for your dining area. But best of all, there’s no flame-so you’ll never have to worry about dealing with flare-ups that so often ruin outdoor meals.

Where are coyote pellet stove made?

The Coyote Pellet Grill is designed and engineered in the United States by a company that has been in business for over 30 years but these are manufactured in Asia. They pride themselves on providing superior customer service and support.

All Coyote pellet stoves will be manufactured in accordance with strict regulatory and quality standards. You can order your stove directly from their site and it is also available on Amazon.

Additionally, they have a broad range of pellets that you can use with your stove. This ensures that you’ll always be able to use them regardless if you’re at home or away on an adventure somewhere in nature.

Does Coyote pellet Stove has WIFI?

Coyote Pellet Grill is a versatile outdoor cooking appliance that can be used as a grill, smoker or stove. It offers the high-tech functionality you’d expect from an indoor kitchen appliance with the versatility and simplicity you need for outdoor cooking. It does not have WIFI.

The Coyote pellet grill is fueled by pellets made from compressed sawdust and other organic materials. These pellets are fed into the firebox and burn at a consistent temperature until they are gone.


The Coyote Pellet Grill heralds the next generation of outdoor cooking with the look, versatility and superior functionality of a luxury indoor appliance. But this is not just another grill. It’s a Coyote pellet stove that is also an oven, smoker, rotisserie and pizza oven–all in one!

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