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Sitting Pretty: The Rise of the Clear Chair
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Sitting Pretty: The Rise of the Clear Chair

Nov 23, 2022

If you’ve been wondering where the clear chair trend came from, you aren’t alone. They started popping up all over the place, including on runways, in offices and even at home in dining rooms and other living spaces.

But they aren’t just made of clear plastic or acrylic—there are many different materials that can be used to make clear chairs these days, including metal, wood and fabric, too!

The clear chair is making its way to the forefront of modern design, and it’s no wonder why: these space-age-looking beauties have become a hit with designers and consumers alike, proving that modern doesn’t have to be tacky or unattractive. Here’s what you need to know about the rise of this clear chair trend, and why it’s so popular today.

Here are three reasons why the trend has taken off like it has and how to pick the right clear chair for you!

In the Beginning…

For centuries, chairs were draped in fabric for comfort and for beauty. But today we are seeing a change. Chairs with clear seats and with a modern, smooth aesthetic have become popular for both home and professional use. and cafes, meeting spaces, co-working spaces, schools and libraries as well as hospitals and dental offices.

They are perfect for those who want to keep their seating area light and clean without sacrificing on style. What’s more, they are stackable and easy to store when they aren’t being used.

In some professional settings it is becoming acceptable to remove your shoes while seated at a desk. For example, in Japan, Korea and China its common practice for office workers to take their shoes off before sitting down at their desks.

The Need for Transparency

Almost everyone has experienced a moment where they’ve sat on something wet and gross. Maybe it was in their car, or maybe it was at work. Either way, it’s never a pleasant experience. So what do you do to avoid this from happening?

You might take your shoes off before you walk through puddles or bring a towel with you when you go to the restroom. But what if we could prevent these gross moments before they happen in the first place?

Enter clear chairs. Sitting down on a clear chair is like sitting down on an invisible chair – there is nothing to come into contact with but air. And while they may look good enough to eat, transparent chairs are actually meant for sitting – not licking!

A New Wave of Design

The clear chair is a new wave in design that is catching on for both residential and commercial use. In the past few years, it has become increasingly popular for many reasons. For one thing, these chairs offer a sleek modern aesthetic that looks good in any space.

They also offer versatility by being able to be used as an office chair or a dining room chair because they are stackable. Another reason why this type of chair has become more popular is because there is no worry about spilling something on the seat cushion, as liquids just slide off onto the floor.

Finally, if you need to replace the seat cushions over time since they wear down with usage, all you have to do is buy replacement cushions instead of a whole new set!

Where to Find Clear Chairs

Clear chairs have been around for a while, and they’re still gaining popularity. They’re not just for home use anymore; these clear chairs are seen in offices, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. We’ve compiled a list of places where you can find clear chairs.

-Targé Furniture

Targé Furniture is an online furniture store with locations across North America that offers a range of styles from contemporary to traditional to meet any need.

Their Executive Collection includes this modern office chair with arms and clear seat cushion on one side. as well as customizing your own design through their Design Your Own Services Page.

-Acme Designs Inc.

Acme Designs Inc. is a Canadian furniture manufacturer with an online store that offers free shipping across Canada and some select locations in the US.

This modern chair in clear plastic has a chrome base and either black or white arm rests. If you’re looking for one, be sure to check out their online store.

-American Plastic Craft, Inc.

American Plastic Craft, Inc. is a family-owned, Michigan-based manufacturer that produces clear plastic chairs and tables as well as other clear table tops, benches, and containers.

They also provide corporate gifts in individual or customized form like signage for offices. If you need to find out more about their products or how to get a quote for your project, visit their contact page today.


All in all, clear chairs are a great way to add a touch of modernity to your home or office. They’re also durable, easy to clean, and if you decide that you don’t like the color, you can always paint them! It’s not difficult to find transparent chairs at a wide range of price points.

so it’s worth doing some research before making any decisions. You’ll want something nice enough for the reception area at work but you’ll probably want something more comfortable for the break room!