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HD Coax Modulatoh – The perfect way to feed audio-video signals through the Hd-MI connector into a coaxial cable

Upgrade Your Video Distribution System with an HD Coax Modulator: High-Quality, Affordable Solutions

Upgrade Your Video Distribution System with an HD Coax Modulator

A Hd coax modulatoh, like the one from Twinhead Technology, can be the perfect way to feed audio-video signals through the HD-MI connector into a coaxial cable in order to drive an HDTV or other video display devices that have coaxial connectors on them.

The device comes with full instructions on how to install it, and it also comes with optional remote control access should you need it.

In order to use the latest video and audio technology in your home, you need to be sure that the cables you use to connect all of your devices are up to the task.

Even your best cable won’t work if it’s going through an underpowered or damaged connector, which is why choosing the right HD-MI connector can make such a big difference in the performance of your HDTV system.

The HD Coax Modulatoh is used to feed audio-video signals through the HD-MI connector into a coaxial cable, such as with an antenna or satellite dish. The product features are as follows…


The HD Coax Modulatoh can be used to do just that. It is able to convert HDMI and DVI signals from any HDMI or DVI source such as a DVD player, Blu-ray player, Cable Box, Satellite Receiver, or Gaming Console.

Connect your device’s video output to the HD-MI input on the back of the module and connect an included 75ohm terminated coaxial cable to the output on this module.

You may then connect your receiver or TV directly to your source using an S-Video, Composite, or Component video connection from an available input on your receiver.

This will enable you to enjoy all of your HDMI and DVI sources in up to 1080i resolution.

If you would like to take advantage of your source device’s surround sound, simply connect an HDMI or DVI audio cable from your receiver’s digital input to your source’s digital output.

Audio will then pass transparently between your receiver and source.

What is an HD Coax Modulatoh?

An HD coax modulator is used to feed audio-video signals through the HD-MI connector into a coaxial cable.

It converts digital or analog video and/or audio input streams into RF transmission, which is then sent via an antenna or wired connection (typically) via an RF transmitter.

It is also referred to as an HDC modulator, ATSC/QAM/NTSC RF Modulator, RF Video, and Audio Modulator or Digital Television Tuner.

Typically it can accept different types of input such as composite video, S-Video and HDMI signals in addition to its multiple channel output options which include stereo RCA L/R, Stereo mini jack, 3.5 mm jack (TRS), TOSLink optical, analog RF output and digital RF output.

A coax modulator converts analog or digital television (TV) signals for transmission by direct or indirect methods.

Such methods include terrestrial (over-the-air), satellite, and cable transmission. It is often referred to as HDC (High Definition Channel) modulator, ATSC/QAM/NTSC RF Modulator, RF Video and Audio Modulator or Digital Television Tuner.

How does an HD Coax Modulatoh work?

An HD coax modulator is used when you need to route an audio-video signal from one device (ex. computer) to another device (ex. TV) with both devices connected by a single coaxial connection. This device can be installed in two ways, either inline or at the end of your existing line.

Once you have an HD coax modulator, it’s time to install it. Inline installation of an HD modulator is much more straightforward as you simply need to plug in one end of your coaxial cable into your TV and another end into your computer.

Then you need to connect both devices with a standard HDMI cable that’s plugged in between them. After that, you just need to go through all the necessary steps for proper setup and operation.

Features and Benefits of an HD Coax Modulatoh

The HD coax modulatoh is used in situations where you need to feed audio-video signals through the HD-Mi connector into a coaxial cable.

This can be done for distances of up to 150 feet. It has two outputs: one for video, and one for stereo sound. You can select either NTSC or PAL formats on your input, but the output will always be in NTSC format.

The main reason you would need an HD coax modulator is that it can transmit high-definition video over distances of up to 150 feet via RF.

While there are many other ways to achieve these results, with either HDMI or RCA connectors, none of them can achieve them over such long distances.

It’s also great for anyone who doesn’t have an extra HDMI port on their TV and doesn’t want multiple cables strung from room to room.


If you’re looking for an easy, cost effective and reliable way to connect your HDMI devices with a coax connection, HD Coax Modulatoh is what you need.

It is also extremely portable and very easy to use, making it perfect for every individual or business looking for an affordable solution to their signal distribution needs.


1-What is an HD Coax Modulator?

An HD coax modulator is a device that converts HDMI or other digital video signals into an RF (radio frequency) signal that can be distributed over a coaxial cable.

2-What are the advantages of using an HD Coax Modulator?

An HD coax modulator allows you to distribute high-quality HD video signals over existing coaxial cable infrastructure, which can save you the cost and hassle of running new cables.

It also allows you to easily distribute video signals to multiple displays without the need for additional equipment.

3-What types of signals can an HD Coax Modulator handle?

An HD coax modulator can handle a variety of digital video signals, including HDMI, DVI, VGA, and component video.

4- What is the maximum resolution supported by an HD Coax Modulator?

The maximum resolution supported by an HD coax modulator varies depending on the specific model, but many models support resolutions up to 1080p.

5- Can an HD Coax Modulator be used for commercial applications?

Yes, an HD coax modulator is commonly used in commercial applications, such as in hotels, sports bars, and other venues where multiple displays need to be fed with high-quality video signals.

6- How do I install an HD Coax Modulator?

Installation of an HD coax modulator typically involves connecting the device to the video source (such as a cable box or Blu-ray player) and to the coaxial cable infrastructure. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for specific installation guidance.

7-Can I control the HD Coax Modulator remotely?

Some models of HD coax modulators come with remote control functionality, allowing you to adjust settings and switch between channels remotely.

8-Are there any compatibility issues to consider when using an HD Coax Modulator?

Yes, compatibility issues can arise when using an HD coax modulator with certain video sources or displays. It is important to verify compatibility before purchasing and installing the device.


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