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Heating and air conditioning repair
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Heating and air conditioning repair

Aug 17, 2022
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Heating and air conditioning repair


The condenser and evaporator are two independent components of central air conditioners. The condenser unit is normally installed on a concrete slab outside the home. The heating and air conditioning repair evaporator coil is installed above the furnace in the plenum or main duct junction.

Central air conditioners

The blower moves hot air through the plenum’s cooled evaporator coil, which is subsequently fed through ducts to chill the home. When the heating and air conditioning repair works but the home does not cool, the issue is most likely in the distribution system.

However, your upkeep should not stop with this annual examination. While you won’t be able to do many repairs yourself, there are particular maintenance routines you can follow to maintain your system running at top performance.

Although central air conditioning will require expert maintenance, there are numerous small issues that you can simply address yourself. If your central air conditioner isn’t operating correctly, search for the problem on this chart and determine if it’s a do-it-yourself project.

Evaporator Cleaning

Evaporator Cleaning

 You can clean the evaporator if the plenum has foil-wrapped insulation at the front; if the plenum is a sealed sheet metal box, do not attempt to access it. The following is how to clean an accessible evaporator:

Step 1:

Remove the foil-wrapped insulation in front of the plenum; it is most likely taped in place. Remove the tape with care, since you will need to replace it afterward. The access plate is hidden under the insulation and is held in place by many screws. Remove the screws and pull the plate off.

Step 2:

Using a stiff brush, clean the whole bottom of the evaporator unit. A huge hand mirror might assist you in seeing what you are doing. If you can’t reach all the way back to clean the entire region, gently slide the evaporator out. Even if the evaporator is linked to stiff pipes, it can be slid out, but be cautious not to bend the pipes.

Step 3:

Clean the tray beneath the evaporator unit. This tray transports condensation away from the evaporator. To prevent fungal growth, pour 1 tablespoon of household bleach into the tray’s weep hole.

Check the condensate drain and pan every other day in excessively humid conditions. If there is a lot of moisture in the pan, the weep hole from the pan to the drain line may be plugged in. With a piece of wire, open the weep hole.

Step 4:

Replace the unit, reattach the plate, and retape the insulation over it.

Step 5:

Restart the air conditioner and inspect for air leaks. Duct tape should be used to seal any leaks.

Condenser Cleaning

A fan in the condenser pushes air over the condenser coil.

You must clean the coil on the intake side, so check to determine which way the air goes over the coils before turning off the power to the air conditioner. The following is how to clean the condenser:

Cleaning Steps

Step 1:

Remove any grass, weeds, or vines that have grown around the condenser unit; they may be impeding airflow.

Step 2:

Clean the condenser with a professional coil cleaner, which may be found at refrigerator supply stores. There are also instructions for usage. Flush the coil clean (do not use a hose); allow it to dry.

Step 3:

Remove accumulated dirt from the fins with a soft brush. To reach them, you may need to remove the protective grille. Straighten bent fins with a fin comb, which is available at most appliance parts stores. A fin comb is intended to slip between the fins. Use it with caution to prevent injuring the fins.

Step 4:

Make sure the concrete pad on which the condenser sits is level. Install a carpenter’s level on top of the unit, front to rear and side to side. If the pad has settled, elevate it with a pry bar or 2 x 4 and press gravel or rocks beneath the concrete to level it.

Outside condenser units should be sheltered from the elements during the fall and winter to avoid leaf obstruction and ice damage. Cover the condenser unit with a professional condenser cover or thick plastic sheeting attached to a robust cable.

Taking Care of the Refrigerant

Cleaning air conditioner

The coolant in most air conditioning systems is Freon, a refrigerant. If the system does not have enough Freon, there will be minimal or no cooling. If you suspect a Freon leak, contact a professional to recharge the system.


Do not attempt to charge the refrigerant lines in your system. Here’s how to fix the system’s coolant lines. Examine the pipes that lead from the condenser outside the home to the evaporator inside. If the insulation is broken or worn, it reduces the cooling performance of the unit and should be replaced.

As soon as feasible, replace broken or worn coolant line insulation with new insulation of the same kind. Install according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You’ll be able to conduct some repairs on your own now that you know when you need to and when you don’t. You’ll be able to save money and have cool air moving sooner if you follow the advice in this article.

30-heating and air conditioning repair near me

If you’re heating and air conditioning systems have a problem, you should always search for a repair provider that can solve the problem quickly. While Roseville air conditioning firms that repair heating and cooling systems are plenty, it is critical that you choose the finest one for your needs. Here are five pointers to help you select the top heating and air conditioning repair service:

Home Evaluation

Look for a heating and cooling repair provider that offers a house inspection. Such a business will dispatch professionals to fully inspect the systems to determine the source of the problem. Only after determining the issues will the business be able to present an estimate and carry out the necessary repairs. The professionals will also keep you updated on the status of the problem and alternative solutions.

Customer Support

Consider their customer service while looking for the best heating and air conditioning repair service. A firm that cherishes its clients and provides timely service is one you should consider hiring. Such a firm will give you the quality repair service you require, allowing you to establish a long-term connection with them.

Customer Feedback

Every air conditioning company will claim to be the greatest. After all, they do desire your business; but you must be attentive. Customer reviews are the greatest approach to evaluating a company’s capabilities. You may also go online and check consumer evaluations on their website or on social media networking sites.


Referrals are also an excellent technique to sort among air conditioning providers and choose the finest heating and air conditioning repair service. You might ask relatives and friends for recommendations on a service. Once you have a few names, you may phone them to see whether the repair service is a good fit for you.

Documentation for the Company

You should not be afraid to get a copy of the HVAC company’s license and insurance. Reputable air conditioning businesses would be delighted to oblige. Additionally, ensure that their experts are licensed and insured.

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