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 blower motors and their costs

Aug 14, 2022

 blower motors and their costs

furnace blower motor replacement:

Nothing is more inconvenient than Furnace Blower Motor difficulties as the winter months approach. This is pretty usual, as you have most likely not used the blower for the remainder of the year. When you turn on the blower, you see no heat coming out, which is generally due to a broken motor. Motors are an essential component of this unit. As a result, you must not only address any concerns as quickly as feasible. You must attentively attend or have it attended. Because of the filth, you might be having a lot of problems with the engine. This is a significant cause of motor failure. If the motor is not adequately maintained, there is a greater likelihood of it failing fast. That’s when you’ll have to replace it. The furnace blower occasionally produces sounds. Do not be concerned about the engine straight away. This might be an issue with another component in your blower. When there is a barrier, the motor works very hard to keep going. As a result, it heats up rapidly, which is hazardous for the motor.

furnace blower motor replacement cost:

When furnace repairs are expensive, it is reasonable to assess if fixing or replacing the furnace is the best solution. When the furnace’s warranty expires, replacement becomes more appealing. This is especially true if the repair cost is significant and the furnace is more than 12-15 years old. Before thinking that blower motor replacement is your sole choice, we recommend getting many quotes on the cost and discussing your alternatives with HVAC repair providers. One of the most expensive houses repairs you’ll face as a homeowner is furnace replacement. It only makes sense to obtain many estimations before proceeding. If one or more of them recommends replacing your older furnace, they may be acting in your best interests by sparing you the trouble and expense of fixing it this year and replacing it soon anyhow due to another costly technical issue.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Blower Motor Replacement

The table displays some of the elements that influence blower motor replacement costs. Here’s a more in-depth look at those price considerations.

Warranty: Yes or No – If the part is covered by warranty, you just pay for labour. If the warranty is no longer valid, the estimates will cover both labor and the cost of the part. Most major brand warranties vary from 5 to 12 years, with 10 being the norm. The period of the warranty should be specified in your handbook. You may also look up your model on the manufacturer’s website to discover the warranty and terms.

Blower motor speeds – There are single-speed, multi-speed, and variable-speed versions. The cost grows in proportion to performance.

Size – The most common furnace blower horsepower ratings are 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 horsepower. The bigger your furnace, the more air (CFM) the blower must move, and hence the higher the expense.

PSC or ECM motors – ECM motors are quieter and require less energy than PSC motors, but they are more expensive. In rare circumstances, a PSC motor can be replaced with an ECM motor to increase performance and efficiency.

Also, a blower wheel? – It is often suggested or essential to replace the blower wheel, which is the fan or “squirrel cage,” which boosts the cost.

The difficulty of the task is determined by the location of the blower motor within the furnace and the location of the furnace. This has an impact on cost.

Cost of Living – Your location influences all costs. If the cost of living in your city is low, medium, or high, so will the cost of blower motor replacement in comparison to other places.

Average Replacement Cost Range

Average Do It Yourself Cost

$160 – $340

Average Contractor Installed Cost


Typical Cost Range

$245 – $1,710, Installed

inducer motor replacement cost: The inducer motor ensures that the furnace operates safely and effectively. It is linked to the furnace vent as well as the combustion box. The motor is part of a full assembly that also comprises the fan, capacitor, motor mount vent cap and clamp, wiring, and connections. They are almost always sold and installed as a complete unit, which can save you money on labour. It takes time and money to disassemble the assembly only to change the motor. To prevent residual combustion gases from igniting/exploding, the motor activates 30-60 seconds before the gas valve ignites and drives them out of the box. Then it draws a continuous supply of fresh air into the combustion box for effective combustion while also pushing exhaust gases out the exhaust. This Costimate contains the following information. Cost considerations that will assist you in estimating the cost of your inducer motor repair based on the parameters described in the table below, real costs supplied by homeowners, a DIY Yes/No suggestion, and furnace draught inducer assembly price estimates from other cost sources. When the item is under warranty and you simply pay for labour, the average inducer motor costs roughly $245. When the warranty expires and you pay for the furnace inducer motor, the replacement cost is $465.

Considerations for Replacement

Most furnaces come with a 10-year parts warranty; however, 5-12 years are more frequent. The cost of the component is covered under warranty. Labor costs are not included.

The total cost of replacing a furnace draught inducer motor ranges from $85 to $1,150. High-performance furnace motors can be rather costly. The options are DIY installation, which will be described later, and professional installation.

These components are also known as inducer blower assemblies, inducer motor assemblies, and draught inducer assemblies.

The cost of replacing the draught inducer motor in most furnaces is reasonable.

The brand of your furnace will also have an impact on pricing. Higher-end units, such as Carrier and Trane, American Standard, and Lennox, may be slightly more expensive.

ac blower motor replacement cost: Because they share a similar mechanism, replacing the blower motor in an AC unit costs the same as replacing the blower motor in a furnace. Expect to pay between $250 to $800 on average. Depending on the brand, you may spend up to $2,000 on it. A handful of things to keep in mind is Don’t get the blower motor mixed up with the AC condenser fan, which is located within your outdoor air conditioning unit. If you merely have an air conditioner and want to buy a furnace, you’ll almost certainly get a new blower as part of the package. In this instance, a replacement will cost you nothing more.

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